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Privacy Policy

Policies and Statement:
Cluster Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter the Company) shall manage the personal information of customers with due care to ensure their privacy. Personal information of the customer collected via the website of the Company (, hereafter the "Website") will be managed under the following Privacy Policies in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  1. Purpose of collection of personal information and notification of changes of the purpose
    Personal information collected from the customer shall be used only for replies to inquiries and requests received from the same customer or for purposes stated in advance at the time of collection. No personal information shall be used for any other purpose without the prior consent of the customer.
  2. Organizational, human, physical, and technical security measures for personal information
    Personal information collected from the customer shall be managed strictly and securely by the administrator of the Company in compliance with the rules established by the Company. The Company shall take the necessary and appropriate measures for preventing unauthorized external access to, and leakage, loss, or falsification of personal information.
    When the handling of personal information is outsourced to third-party enterprises, the Company shall strictly supervise these enterprises to ensure that the personal information will be properly managed.
  3. Disclosure of personal information to third parties for secondary uses
    No personal information collected from the customer shall be passed on or disclosed to any third party except as follows:
    • When the Company is ordered by public authorities to do so according to applicable laws and regulations;
    • When the Company is required to do so in order to protect the properties of the Company or the customer; and
    • When the Company is required to do so as an emergency measure to protect the lives or personal security of the Company employees, the customer, or the general public.
  4. Accuracy, updating, disclosure, modification, and deletion of personal information
    The Company shall keep personal information as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Personal information of the customer shall be immediately disclosed to the same customer to whom it belongs and modified or deleted upon their request. For any further details, email to the attention of the Customer Information Desk (see Item 9 below).
  5. Cookies
    The Website does not provide any service that uses cookies unless otherwise stated. Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a user's computer by a Web browser. Some websites use cookies to recognize computers that have previously accessed them in order to provide more sophisticated services. The Website shall use no cookies to provide more useful services without explicitly stating otherwise in the appropriate pages.
  6. Collection of non-personally identifiable information
    The company may collect data on the use of its services by the customer. These data shall include no personally identifiable information of the customer. These data may be used for the improvement of the services available on the Website.
  7. About the Privacy Policies
    These Private Policies may be revised as required. Any revision will be reported on this page.
  8. Exemption from liabilities
    The Privacy Policies shall apply only to the pages contained on the Website ( The Company shall not be held responsible for the protection of personal information of customers at other websites with which the Website may be linked. For the details of the manner of handling personal information at such linked websites, read the privacy policies of the individual websites.
  9. Customer Information Desk
    Notifications based on the Privacy Policies, and any question or inquiry concerning any issue related to the handling of personal information by the Company should be accessed through the contact shown below.

    Established on: July 1, 2005

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