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Corporate profile and business establishment
Corporate profile

Company name

Cluster Technology Co., Ltd.

Head Office

5-28, 4-chome, Shibukawa-cho, Higashi-Osaka, 577-0836, JAPAN
Phone. +81-6-6726-2711 (main number)
Facsimile. +81-6-6726-2715


April 23, 1991
Initiated as a manufacturing subsidiary of Adachi New Industrial Co., Ltd.


July 16, 1996
Set up as a new company, breaking away from Adachi New Industrial Co., Ltd.


1,240.7 million yen

Number of Employees

65 (As of March 31, 2015)

Fiscal year end

March, 31st


Development and manufacturing of composite
materials, nano-micromachining including metal
mold making, development and manufacturing of
precision molded products, development and
manufacturing of nano technology - related
products, and analysis and measurement for
quality inspections, etc.

Main financing bank

Bank of Kyoto, Ltd. / Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ ,Ltd.

Main suppliers

Nagase & Co. Ltd. / Adachi New Industrial Co., Ltd. / KII MODELING Co., Ltd. / Daiwa Co., Ltd. / Others

Main Clients

Sony Corporation / Canon Inc. / Praneer Corporation / Ricoh Company, Ltd. / Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd. / Mitsubishi Electric Corporation / Nissin Electric Co., Ltd. / Nippon Kouatsu Electric Co., Ltd. / Nagase & Co., Ltd. / Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd. / Fujikura Components Ltd. / Shihen Technical Corporation / Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. / Shimadzu Corporation / National Universities / Adachi New Industrial Co., Ltd. / Ryoden Trading Co.,Ltd. / Others

business establishment
Two Factories Equipped with the Latest Equipment for Materials and Precision Molding
Kansai Factory

Kansai Factory mainly manufactures composite materials, including Epohard and Epocluster. Furnished with highly productive equipment, Kansai Factory delivers a stable supply of advanced base materials for molded insulators and precision molded products, in close cooperation with the Sales and Marketing Division, the R&D Division, and the Kanto Factory.
In the headquarters building, a vibration-proof laboratory supported by pillars extending to the subsurface bedrock serves as the facility for the R&D Division. Even the slightest vibrations will not reach the inside of the lab. No other small- and medium-sized enterprise has a similar lab. This facility, “Island on Earth,” provides a critically important base for our nanotechnology development.

photo:Kansai Factory
Non-contact three-dimensional measuring instruments
Island on Earth
Kanto Factory

This factory manufactures assembles molded products and devices for nano/microtechnology business. Equipped with advanced precision molding techniques and analysis and measurement techniques for quality evaluation, Kanto Factory stably supplies high quality products in close cooperation with the Headquarters and Kansai Factory.

photo:Kanto Factory
Molded product manufacturing line
Inspection by toolmaker's microscopes
Tokyo Sales Office

16-5, Kodenma-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Shinnihonbashi Nagaoka Bld. 9 Fl.



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