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Key Technological Specialties
An Expert Ready to Meet the Needs of Diverse Industries With Everything From Materials to Device Development

We have four technological specialties in (1) composite materials, (2) precision molding and machining, (3) MEMS machining (Nano-micromachining & assembly), and (4) analysis and measurement. We go further, to integrate these four, developing new devices, and that fusion is yet another specialty, making "4+1". Our technological competence ranges widely, from macro to micro and nano domains, not only generating stable profits from established technologies but also developing innovative technologies with the potential for future growth. This technological versatility is what makes us excel.

4-plus-1 Key Technological Specialties
Composite material development and manufacturing technologies

Technology for engineering and manufacturing Epohard, epoxy resin composite material, and Epocluster, precision molding composite material.

Precision molding and machining technologies

Technology for manufacturing high-precision molded products using Epocluster.

MEMS machining technologies

Technology for manufacturing ultra-high precision molded parts. Includes various die-making techniques for achieving the required characteristics of dies, and techniques for assembling precision molded products.

Analysis and measurement techniques

Technology for evaluating the accuracies of ultra-high precision-manufactured molds and molded products.

Fusion technologies

Technologies for creating new products by fusing key technologies.

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