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Business Model
Two Business Pillars that Ensure Stability and Growth
Business Segment
Macrotechnology Business

Our history began with the creation of a thermosetting epoxy resin composite material, "Epohard". For more than 30 years, since we were Adachi New Industrial Co., Ltd. we have been supplying this product. Now we are a qualified supplier to almost all domestic power companies. Molded insulators manufactured with this molding material have a large share in the domestic market, and provide us with a long-term, stable profit center.

Nano/Microtechnology Business

We have developed "Epocluster", a composite material for precision molded products, using it manufacture high-precision electronic devices, such as cylinder bases for DVCs and elements of the mechanism for industrial machines.
"The Pulse Injector System," which was developed using our key technologies, is currently used as a research and laboratory apparatus at several universities and research institutes. From now on, we intend to promote sales of the system as a test and analysis apparatus in biotechnological fields as well. Building on our nano-micromachining technology, we are also developing new techniques to manufacture optoelectronic devices and biochips on a commercial basis.

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